She Spreads is a story of three women on the brink of a revolution. It is a funny, surprising and poetic look what we sacrifice in order to survive and how quickly change can happen. In an environment based on consumption, She Spreads suggests possibilities that lay beyond the edge. The show is contemporary examination of our relationships to the economy, our environment and ourselves.

She Spreads brings together some of independent theatre’s most compelling female artists to create a new story about our collective needs. Clare Preuss (John Hirsch Director’s Award nominee and Now Magazine Best Director for Salome’s Clothes) leads Zoë Sweet (multiple My Theatre Award recipient), Neema Bickersteth (Dora Award nominee) and Darwin Lyons (Paprika Festival Artistic Producer) in this compelling take on our evolving relationship to money and ourselves.

Hailing from across the country, from Ottawa to Alberta, and coming together as residents of Toronto, The Dead Roads Collective was formed to tell this story of three women in Fort McMurray. The group works as a creative collective with Clare Preuss as director, with a shared performance aesthetic and desire to create work speaking truthfully and holistically about global economics.






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